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The primary purpose of our site is 

  • Promote,sponsor and encourage amateur restoration, preservation and use of all vehicles.

  • Form a group of owners of vehicles who shall subscribe to these objectives.

  • Engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for vehicles.

  • Establish and foster correct driving and maintenance techniques for vehicles, and by example, motor driving generally.

  • Offer the services of the club, its members and vehicles to such charitable organisations as may be decided by the Committee.

  • Engage in other activities associated, or allied with all, or any, of the above objects which may be intended, or calculated, to promote a better and wider knowledge and understanding of vehicles among Association members and the public generally.

  • Encourage the retention of vehicles.

  • To promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill among members and participate.

  • Create an environment whereby members and their families can share their enthusiasm socially


We welcome comment from members and the public.


Thank you, enjoy your visit.

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