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           Ron Morello a man  on a mission

Mildura Holden Museum


          Mildura Vintage Vehicles club  2017 Easter Rally congratulates

              Mildura Holden Motor Museum bringing a dream to reality

                                    Legacy of a man with a passion

It's an old blokes dream to create a museum for his beloved cars so everyone can share in his passion. Everyone remembers a father, uncle or grandfather who had one of these timeless classic's, so come with us down memory lane and enjoy. 

Ron started 35 years ago when he took a neighbours near perfect 1948 FX to the tip to be crushed, it got him so much that the next day he started looking for one and found it, the journey began.

From then on Ron's love affair with Holdens grew. Following the FX there was EH then a HR and so on it became a disease he now boasts 35 holdens in pristine condition on display.

Ron's Vision was for a car museum for the district, Mildura being a tourist destination a Holden car museum would be a must for motor enthusiast.

Among some of the favourites is a Holden GTS Monaro 327 that featured at Bathhurst which is easily the dearest car in his collection. It's history,  about 5 or 6 years ago,  it was advertised by a guy that owned it, he was given a choice, the wife or the car after thinking about for 6 months (brave man) finally the car went and Ron was the lucky purchaser. He also has an EH Premier wagon.It was the first premier wagon - original plates - that when it first came out, it was the face of the Holden campaign, Ron has the video of the car on channel 9 in Melbourne that they were showing every night. If you love Holdens or looking at Australian motor vehicles in a by gone era then this is the place to go.




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